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York Culture Awards

York Culture Awards 2017 information will be announced on Thursday 29 June.


York Culture Awards 2016 Winners Revealed!


Thank you to everyone who attended the York Culture Awards 2016 and congratulations to all our winners and finalists. Around 300 people attended the awards ceremony, which took place at York Central Methodist Church on 1 December.

A full list of the winners is below:

Cultural Partnership


Launched in May 2015, emerging from a partnership established by York@Large, York Theatre Royal and Make it York and led by York Archaeological Trust, Vespertine is a series of 18 monthly events. Its aim is to stimulate the early evening economy, each Vespertine event brings together two or more of the twenty cultural organisations involved. With innovative and accessible programming at its core, Vespertine champions unique experiences for all, which so far has included; music, performance, light projection and art installations.

Community Project or Event

New Visuality – ‘Text’

York’s contemporary gallery, According To McGee, straddled the worlds of analogue and digital with the art exhibition, ‘Text’, in late 2015. Curated via this Tower Street gallery's charitable arm, New Visuality, ‘Text’ showcased posters of tweets and slogans written by the public and learners with disabilities at the Blueberry Academy.


York Museums Trust

York Museums Trust’s community engagement project actively introduced young people to York Castle Museum's collections and the Shaping the Body exhibition through art based activities, object handling and discussions, co-ordinated by community artist Griselda Goldsbrough. Curators, and the educational team from York Museums Trust, along with a local professional photographer, music manager and make-up artists worked with around 15 young people at Howe Hill Hostel (Acomb) - a resettlement project for homeless young people aged 16-24 - in an engaging programme on a weekly basis, from September to October 2015 looking at identity, the body uncovered and health and well-being.

Cultural Education

Fulford School

Fulford School have a strong record in the arts, particularly in extracurricular practice. Art, music and drama provide opportunities to shine and develop in and out of lessons. There are regular productions and an active music academy, which encompasses evening tuition and an extended curriculum offer that engages and inspires a range of students.

Cultural Equality and Diversity


Accessible Arts & Media – IMPs Project

Accessible Arts & Media (AAM) is a charity which create arts, digital media and training programmes that are tailored to the needs and aspirations of the people we work with. The core aim of IMPs is to bring together disabled and non-disabled children and young people as equals. All IMPs members get the chance to make music, develop new skills and build confidence and mutual understanding.


Sue Lister

Sue has coordinated the York 50+ Festival for 12 years and is the coordinator of Free to be Me in Care /in the Workplace created by the York LGBT Forum older people’s subgroup. Sue is the Artistic Director of a women’s theatre group - Real People Theatre Company, which has created 17 productions on social issues for York International Women’s Week and she has also started AWOC York (Ageing without Children) which meets monthly. Sue has become a Dementia Champion and spends a lot of her time touring care homes, conferences and workshops with the production Dementia & Me. 

Cultural Event or Festival

TakeOver Festival

TakeOver 2015/16 was a multi-arts festival coordinated entirely by 12- 26 year olds across York. 2015 saw TakeOver take on the National Railway Museum’s busiest week- October half term, replacing all of its ‘usual’ activities. The festival immersed itself and its audience at the heart of York’s heritage. TakeOver’s return to York Theatre Royal in July 2016 represented young people’s desire for a voice in society; with the program addressing issues from racism to homelessness.


Catherine Mason – We are only human

We Are Only Human is a series of webisodes or very short films aimed at the online market, and helping to open people’s eyes to the different ways in which movement helps people to ‘escape’ their possibly mundane lives and recreate themselves.  Through the use of coloured powder paint during their performances, the film-maker wanted to show expressionism and freedom.

Performing Artist

Mad Alice

Alicia Stabler assumes the guise of Mad Alice for The Bloody Tour of York. Alicia began acting in 2006 having had no formal theatre training and took on work as an actor at The York Dungeon. In 2013, Alicia decided to brave the streets in an entertaining and historical fashion and became Mad Alice, a Wench leading visitors around the streets of York with The Bloody Tour of York on a weekly basis throughout the year.


York Minster Mystery Plays

This summer saw York Minster transformed into a vast auditorium as the Mystery Plays returned to its spiritual home. True to tradition it was essentially a community production, featuring just one paid actor working alongside a vast army of Mystery Makers. Over the course of the 5 week run they played to over 26,000 people. It was a critical success, achieving 4 out of 5 star reviews in both the Guardian and the Observer.

Visual Artist

Emily Harvey – York Panorama

Dave Fleming accepting award on behalf of Emily Harvey.

The work, commissioned by York Explore Libraries and Archives, is a coloured textured panel made from plaster; the design is laid out as an ancient stone wall, inspired by the city walls. The stone blocks contain images illustrating aspects of everyday life in York today, as well as an impression of the life of the city continuing from the earliest inhabitants and on into the future.



Carole Bromley – The Stonegate Devil

The Stonegate Devil is Carole Bromley's second collection. The book has a strong York flavour and explores local places and the stories associated with them as well as the poet's Yorkshire childhood, coming of age and relationships. There are poems sparked by travels to Ireland, Japan and Australia and others whose subjects are closer to home. This remarkable collection demonstrates Carole Bromley's widely acknowledged mastery of her craft and a wide variety of poetic forms.

Cultural Champion

Rose Kent

Rose Kent is the Managing and Creative Director of Accessible Arts & Media, a post she has held since 1992. She has been and continues to be an inspiration, not just to the arts sector, but to officials working in health and social services. She is energetic in her support for Tang Hall Big Local and in promoting Culture & Wellbeing in York. Accessible Arts & Media has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people, many of them vulnerable or experiencing physical or mental challenges. Her skills as an arts practitioner and specialist consultant have been central to raising Accessible Arts & Media’s profile from two small fledgling community arts charities to the award-winning organisation it is today. Thanks to Rose, York is home to a unique range of specialist disability and youth programmes.        

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